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Welcome to TSS.

The Skipping Stone Review is a literary magazine for you, by you, about you. Our goal is to engrave your journey into our own. With your help, we will fill these pages with your inner world. 

This magazine was created with an unfaltering interest in the stories, the history, behind all individuals--because each person holds an entire ocean of mystique within them. 


what you're made of

where you're going


The Skipping Stone

More about us...

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Our Magazine

Our magazine features original work, each following a specific theme, submitted by writers of all ages, all backgrounds, all occupations. Our first issue has its submissions opening on July 15th, so stay tuned!


Our Blog

Our blog features articles from staff writers--including, but not limited to, author interviews, literary news, and writing inspiration. It also features submitted work, like book reviews, memoirs, media analysis essays, and interest articles!

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Our Mission

We're making this about you. Your personal journey, how you have arrived here and how you will move on. Creatively selfish, whimsically autobiographical. Aerial Earth.

Our Meaning

The Skipping Stone embodies the truth that, no matter where you come from, no matter who you are, you still have the potential to skip just as far.

Before submitting, make sure that you read the submission guidelines. 



We're looking for graphic designers, staff writers, social media managers, and editors. Click the "our team" tab to learn more!

dont let us skip away!

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